HydroMassage systems also offer the highest degree of treatment customization

Water-through-Air Technology

With HydroMassage’s Water-through-Air technology, treatment pressure remains constant from the time it leaves the jets until it reaches the user. In contrast, many other Dry Hydrotherapy systems use Water-through-Water technology, which significantly reduces treatment pressure and overall therapy effectiveness.

Traveling Jet Systems

The HydroMassage features a Navitrac water release system. With computer controlled traveling jets and a pause button, the HydroMassage gives the user the opportunity to focus treatment precisely on the same area of need. In addition, the track can be changed to customize your massage.

Dry Hydrotherapy

Veraflex technology is the result of continuous effort to develop the most resilient and comfortable barrier between patient and water, which maximizes treatment value while keeping the patient dry.

The HydroMassage Difference

HydroMassage Dry Hydrotherapy systems are engineered to combine the time proven therapies of whirlpool, heat, and massage in a fully customizable and user-friendly system. An estimated 11 million HydroMassage treatments are performed annually, with patients ranging from chronic pain sufferers to professional athletes and celebrities worldwide.

Strength of Prescribed Therapy

HydroMassage produces the most powerful form of Dry Hydrotherapy System on the market. Massage intensity ranging from 2-32 PSI provides a level of pressure that has been tested to lift the spine, and is powerful enough to penetrate a cold pack to deliver an intense cold therapy massage for active injuries.

In addition to being the most powerful form of therapy, HydroMassage systems also offer the highest degree of treatment customization. Temperature, pressure, speed and treatment area are all variables that may be adjusted for each individual patient, and a pause button adds the capability to focus and hold treatment where desired. The treatment settings may be instantly recalled over the course of a prescribed treatment schedule with 36 preset programs.

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